Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three words

Bend this ocean,
Dry my eyes,
Push poetry out,
Words describe words,
Comers shift spaces,
Interior gives birth,
Exterior takes place,
Crimson bells ring,
Just defy gravity,
Lay your lips,
Up upon mine,
Cradling hope within,
Nurse the child,
Don't forget me,
Moments to memories,
Forget the cards,
Deal this round,
Take the risk,
Receive a joker,
You will never,
The last three,
Words of this,
Matter the most,
I love you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Paper friendly

Every ink trail,
Every poem, takes a bow,
Every breath untouched,
Your voice, soothes the silence,
Heartache, rolls over my shoulder,
I'm in the middle,
I can hear, violins,
And a rustic guitar,
Just writing my,
Poem, during the night,
My thoughts are unheard,
So this paper listens.


The earth brethes still, silent,
Revolutions take days,
White holes shine the heaven,
Beautiful stars re-arrange.

Night by night,
The moon takes form,
Neon's light the sky, peaceful,
Upon the midnight air.

So picture perfect,
As time moves forward,
Space stays still, calm,
As the earth gracefully,


Forced to the cloak, the ground,
Its quiet, I inhale the night air,
The sky no higher, nor it is lower,
Just the same, just different.

An ancient painting up high,
Mysterious, all but none is known,
I don't notice as the pieces change,
It's forever, forever the same.

The tender kiss of cold wind,
Lays upon my cheeks, and,
Plays with my hair,
I'll disintegrate and join.

The night sky.