Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three words

Bend this ocean,
Dry my eyes,
Push poetry out,
Words describe words,
Comers shift spaces,
Interior gives birth,
Exterior takes place,
Crimson bells ring,
Just defy gravity,
Lay your lips,
Up upon mine,
Cradling hope within,
Nurse the child,
Don't forget me,
Moments to memories,
Forget the cards,
Deal this round,
Take the risk,
Receive a joker,
You will never,
The last three,
Words of this,
Matter the most,
I love you.


  1. A very beautiful piece of writing! Sensitive and thoughtful!


  2. Would you like to enter this in the school magazine?


  3. Deep man i like it, you should really keep going with this ur really good.

  4. CAUTION: our 22-wildchild-blogOwama is a total wealth of bottomless sophistication, nuanced inferences, and synonymous metaphors you most prooooo’bly won’t find anywhere else. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN WISK!!

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